Adding a Puzzle Note


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Use the Open/Create window's Add a Note button ( edit16 ) to add a descriptive message when creating a jigsaw puzzle.  A stylish note can be added to a jigsaw puzzle by creating the note in a word processor and then copying and pasting the note into the About the Puzzle editing window.  A styled note may contain bolding, italics, underlining, colored text, pictures, clickable web addresses, as well as other features.


The About the Puzzle window includes a Word Processor button that starts the Windows WordPad word processor.  The button can be configured to start a word processor other than WordPad if desired.  Hold the Shift key down when clicking the Word Processor button to configure the button for a different word processor.  You may be interested in trying the Jarte word processor since it has far more capability than WordPad.  Microsoft Word can also be used but many of its advanced features can not be used in an About the Puzzle note.


There are two special options available for About the Puzzle notes.  The options can be accessed by clicking the Options button on the Add a Puzzle Note window:


1.The puzzle note can be marked as hidden which will prevent the person playing the puzzle from displaying the note until after the puzzle has been completed.  This can useful for mystery puzzles when you don't want the puzzle note to give away the puzzle subject before the puzzle is completed.


2.The puzzle note can made to popup automatically as soon as the puzzle is completed.


Note: The ability to add a puzzle note is not supported on a small number of older Windows 95 computers.  An up to date version of file RICHED20.DLL is required on those computers in order for the puzzle note feature to work.