Adding Music or Sound


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Use the Open/Create window's Add Music or Sound button ( soundnote_double16 ) to add background music or sound effects when creating a jigsaw puzzle.  This feature allows addition of either MIDI music or WAV sounds to a puzzle.  The music or sound effect added to the puzzle plays continuously when the puzzle is being played.  Of course, the user can turn off the music or sound effect while playing the puzzle if desired.


MIDI music files record entire songs using a relatively small amount of file space.  For this reason they are often more suitable than sound effects.  Many downloadable MIDI files can be found by searching the Web.  Those who are interested in composing their own MIDI music might be interested in trying a product such as NoteWorthy Composer.


WAV files are used to record all types of sound, not just music.  However, WAV files have the disadvantage of being much larger than MIDI files even for fairly short sound segments.  There are many web sites offering downloadable WAV files.  Those who are interested in creating their own sound effects may want to try a wave sound editor such as GoldWave.