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The Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles program is displayed using the entire screen area when the full screen mode feature is turned on.  Full screen mode can be turned on by clicking the Full Screen Mode button ( monitor16 ) on the control panel.


The Advanced Options window contains settings to control the playing table size while in full screen mode.  Increasing the table size provides more room for assembling puzzle pieces, but it makes the puzzle pieces appear smaller as a result.  Decreasing the table size limits the room for assembling puzzle pieces, but it increases the size of the puzzle pieces making them easier to see.  The table size changes are implemented by temporarily changing your computer's screen size settings while the program is in full screen mode.


If you wish, you can examine or change the computer's normal screen size by clicking the button below to access your computer's Display Properties panel:


     Computer Display Properties    


Note: If you are using an older notebook computer or if your display monitor is an older LCD flat panel monitor then changing the screen size may cause the program window to appear improperly sized.  In those cases it is best to leave the full screen mode setting at "normal" screen size.


Note: Although increasing the table size provides a larger table play area it also increases the amount of computer power needed to run the Living Scenes puzzles.  This can cause game play to become sluggish on some computers.  See the Performance section for more information about game performance.


Advanced option Allow display settings change is normally turned on.  It allows the table size to be changed while in full screen mode and it allows the screen color depth to be set to "highest color" (32 bit) if that is not already the system default value.  Living Scenes Jigsaws Puzzles performs much better when the system is set to "highest color".  The Allow display settings change setting should only be turned off if your computer experiences display problems while in full screen mode.  See the Performance section for more information about the "highest color" color depth setting.