Pinning Puzzle Pieces


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Pinning jigsaw puzzle pieces to the playing table prevents them from being inadvertently selected while manipulating other puzzle pieces.  A puzzle piece, or joined group of puzzle pieces, can be pinned to the playing table by right clicking on the piece and selecting Pin from the pop-up menu.  The puzzle piece will then be unselectable until it is unpinned.  A pinned puzzle piece may be unpinned by right clicking on the puzzle piece and selecting Unpin from the pop-up menu.


Any jigsaw puzzle piece snapped to a pinned puzzle piece becomes pinned itself.  Pinned puzzle pieces always remain underneath any overlapping, unpinned puzzle pieces.


Pinning large partially completed portions of a jigsaw puzzle is particularly useful.  For example, if many of a jigsaw puzzle's edge pieces have been assembled then pinning that portion of the puzzle to the table is good idea.  Any other loose, overlapping puzzle pieces will always stay on top of the pinned assembly.  If you accidentally click the assembled edge pieces while trying to select a nearby puzzle piece the pinned assembly will not be selected, moved, or otherwise disturbed.