Puzzle Hints


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If you need a hint to find a matching puzzle piece click the right mouse button on a puzzle piece of interest and choose the "Hint" item in the popup menu.  A set of four directional buttons will appear if there is a choice of puzzle pieces that can be snapped to the piece of interest.  Click the button that indicates which puzzle piece you are searching for.  A large cross hair will show you where a matching piece is located.  The hint feature can also be activated simply by moving the mouse over a puzzle piece and pressing the F3 key.


For example, if you have a puzzle piece and you want to find the puzzle piece that snaps to the right side of the first piece then move the mouse over the first piece, press the F3 key, and then click the right directional button when the buttons appear.  A cross hair will be drawn over the puzzle piece snaps to the right side of the first piece.


Note: If the puzzle piece being searched for is located on another table the program will switch to the other table before drawing the cross hair over the appropriate puzzle piece.


Tip: If you want a greater challenge, or if you do not want to be tempted by the hint feature, you can restrict or eliminate puzzle hints when you first open a jigsaw puzzle.