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  Sites That Sell Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

    Springbok Puzzles - Home of the famous Springbok jigsaw puzzles. Springbok puzzles are known for their high quality and their puzzles are American made.

    The Puzzle House - Fine sellers of upscale, high quality, and hard to find jigsaw puzzles.

    Joslin Photo Puzzle Co. - Give these folks any photo and they will turn it into a jigsaw puzzle.

    Jigsaw Puzzles Made to Order - Jigsaw puzzles and collage photo puzzles custom made to order and personalized with your own photo. Many puzzle sizes and shapes to choose from including large 1000+ piece puzzles.

    Jigsaw Gallery - A UK based retailer with a large selection of jigsaw puzzles that are shipped worldwide.

    JigZone Shop - An online jigsaw puzzle store with a large selection.

    Your Jigsaw Puzzles - An online jigsaw puzzle retailer in the UK with a nice selection of puzzles.

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