Contents    Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles


Show Main Menu: Controls whether or not the main menu is shown at the top of the program's window.  Hiding the main menu creates more table space for organizing puzzle pieces.


Show Control Panel: Controls whether or not the control panel is shown at the top of the program's window.  Hiding the control creates more table space for organizing puzzle pieces, however it is necessary use either the main menu or keyboard shortcuts to access many of the program's features.


Enable Sound Effects: Controls whether the snap, rotate, and applause sound effects are turned on.


Enable Background Sound: Controls whether the background sound is turned on for Living Scenes jigsaw puzzles.


Show Button Hints: Controls whether descriptive hints are displayed when the mouse hovers over a control.


Background Color: Allows selection of the table's background color.


Tip: When creating new table background colors you may find more pleasing colors by using a saturation value of approximately 80 and a luminance value of approximately 160.


Puzzle Bevel: Controls whether the bevel on jigsaw puzzle piece edges is normal, light, or turned off.  Note that turning off the bevel increases performance on slower systems but the puzzle pieces lose their 3D appearance.


A Default puzzle bevel of normal, light, or off may also be selected.  The chosen default setting is automatically applied to all newly opened puzzles.


An Auto Hide Bevel at Finish option is provided.  Setting this option causes a puzzle's bevel to be automatically  turned off as soon as the puzzle is completed.


System Volume: Displays the standard Windows volume control.  Note that the control adjusts the volume for all of Windows, not just the Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles program.


Align Control Panel: Determines whether the control panel is aligned along the top of the program's window or along the bottom.


Auto Save: Controls whether, and how often, the program performs an auto save function.  Auto save ensures any jigsaw puzzle you are working on is automatically saved periodically.  This helps ensure progress on a puzzle is not accidentally lost due to a computer crash.


Note: The auto save function only works for jigsaw puzzles that have already been saved at least once (i.e., the puzzle is already associated with a saved puzzle file).


Advanced Options