Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts


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Keyboard Shortcuts:


Scatter to Border                Ctrl + B

Hint                                Ctrl + H  (also F3)

Show/Hide magnifier                Ctrl + M

Open/Create puzzles                Ctrl + O

Pause/Play puzzle                Ctrl + P

Save                                Ctrl + S

Save as                        Shift+Ctrl+S

Adjust volume                        Ctrl + V

Go to previous table                Page Up

Go to next table                        Page Down

Go to first table                        Home

Go to last table                        End

Help                                F1

What's this                        Shift + F1

Show Previous Tip                Ctrl + F1

Hint                                F3  (also Ctrl + H)

Exit                                Alt + F4

Show/Hide box cover image        F9

Show/Hide main menu                F10

Show/Hide control panel        F11

Full screen mode                F12

Rotate selected piece left        Left

Rotate selected piece right        Right

Send Error Log Report                Shift+Ctrl+E



Mouse Shortcuts:


Capture/Release                Scroll wheel button

Select                                Left mouse button

Popup menu                        Right mouse button

Rotate selected piece right        Rotate mouse wheel back

Rotate selected piece left        Rotate mouse wheel forward

Send top piece to bottom        Rotate mouse wheel back

Send bottom piece to top        Rotate mouse wheel forward

Rotate selected piece left        Ctrl + Right mouse button

Rotate selected piece right        Shift + Ctrl + Right mouse button